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Frequently Asked Questions

READ THIS FIRST: "I payed for premium but after 2 days my membership is back to normal. WHY?"
The reason is that the status of your transaction is VOID. This means that your bank denied the transaction or you didn't pass all the verification procedures. Even if there is a charge in your statement the money are not actually taken and they will return in your card soon. You can try to pay again after 24 hours. There is no need to contact us about this because we can't help in this case.

1. I can't login.
You neet to enable cookies of your browser. Be careful when you type in your username and password (Dogfan, dogfan and DODGFAN are differnt usernames). We destinguish capital from small letters.

2. Can't watch videos.
To watch videos you need flash plugin to be installed. It's free. CLICK HERE to install flash plugin

3. My credit card was declined. Why?
This is due to the anti-fraud filter of the billing company. We are realy sorry but we can't do anything about it.

4. I downloaded videos but can't watch them.
You can watch the videos in your browser or you can install K-Lite codec pack (click here to download K-Lite) and watch them in Media Player.
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